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"The Name to Remember for Aircraft Engine

Parts & Service"

1-(405) 262-4880

1-(800) 992-4880

Compatible Models:

  • IO-520 A, BA, BB, C, CB, CF, D, E, F, J, K, L, M, MB, N, NB, BB15, CB8, C59, CB11
  • TSIO-520 A, AG, B, BB, C, CE, D, DB, E, EB, G, H, J, JB, K, KB, L, LB, M, N, NB, P, R, T, U, UB, VB, WB
  • IO-550 A, B, C

Continental Cylinder Stud Plus 10 or 15 for $499 Each

1 Each stud cylinder, Parts Not Included, Continental 520/550. Barrels honed oversized to plus 10 or 15 for $499 ea. + $100 core charge. Your saving $26 a cylinder. Normal price for a set is $525 + $100 core charge.

When ordering you must mention online sale price or discount might not be applied.

If you would like complete cylinders with parts we can supply you with new or serviceable parts for an additional cost.

Cylinders have been overhauled and reworked to meet all overhaul manual qualifications for us to tag 8130. Cylinders have been cleaned, NTD tested for cracks, guides and seats replaced as need, exhaust studs and ports milled as needed, rocker ear bushings changed as needed, fittings and any other parts that need changed or repairing, barrels honed, and a fresh coat of paint.

Please contact us today for a quote.

Limited Stock Available: 1 set total in stock.

Sale starts 08/01/18 ends 08/31/18